URBAN FURNITURE by #sekcija | Urban furniture for Student Day Festival 2017 |Rijeka, Croatia | 2017 | w/ #sekcija
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Urban furniture was the first design project made by #sekcija – group of young architects, designers and engineers from Rijeka.
Modular furniture was made out of scrap materials like used car tires, Euro pallets,  newspapers etc…Using the available resources, we’ve produced 3 lounge “islands”, scattered throughout the stage. Project succeeded to break the usual boringness of the music festival furniture, while providing visual markings and rest area for the party-goers.
Big thanks to our sponsors and promoters : Sto, Lagermax, AC Dujmović, Novi list, HGSS, Tehnomehanika, Ferenčić,  Željezara LID, Start Fun



Date: Sep 2017

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