Upgrading Savsko | Ljubljana, Slovenia | 2016 | mentor: prof. Anne Lacaton, prof. Tadej Glažar


Savsko naselje is one of the Ljubljana’s most recognizable neighborhoods. Abundance of green areas and proximity to the city center makes it an desirable location for housing. Neighborhood was built throughout last decades of the past century which is clearly seen in the built tissue. Most of the objects are highly standardized and providing minimal standard of living. The idea is to transform linear blocks in the NW part of the neighborhood and question its future. Dwelling today is more complex than ever. Contemporary living spaces offers flexible and appropriable layouts which allows users to re-arrange them according to their current needs. Main intention is to upgrade linear blocks in a two way: programmatic and typological. Programmatic upgrade introduces more diverse programs to the block and surroundings which increases heterogeneity and usability of the site. Typological upgrades are increasing living standard, trying to provide maximum to the each dwelling in terms of usability, insulation, light, air… Extensions are added on the north-west side facade extending each dwelling for 31-67m2.In this newly gained spaces each dweller is free to organize space according to its own needs. New block with additional 17 dwellings is providing maximum standard of living with 4 different dwelling types ranging from 48-166m2. Abundant green areas and communal spaces are incorporated in both new addition to the block as well as to the old linear structure. In order to achieve programmatic heterogeneity, housing is mixed different programs like community centers, parking garages, offices, vertical parks and shops. Automated parking garage is a hybrid which offers public spaces, offices, and rent spaces besides parking.

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Date: Oct 2016