Ptuj CITY VISION  |  Ptuj, Slovenia  |  w/ Aljaž Lepšina, Grega Indof, Žan Plevnik  |  2016



Ptuj shares development and spatial issues, like may other small Slovene towns. Rich cultural and industrial history is not fully utilized in today’s volatile times. We looked back in order to propose vision for the future. Ptuj have many comparative advantages over other, even much larger, towns in region. It is question how to properly take advantage of rich cultural and archeologic history, geostrategic postition, natural resources and vast agricultural areas. In each of these areas, we propose key “moves” and projects to establish new Ptuj gravitational region, and find its own identity.
For some of the photocollages cutouts from BASE (landscape) architects were used. (

ptuj ptuj2 ptuj-4 ptuj-5 ptuj-6




Date: Oct 2016