MH17 Memorial  | Amsterdam, Nederlands  |  2014  | w/ Sabina Marov, Diego Umari, Petja Ogrinc


When architectural form is reduced to its essential nature in this way,
what it stages and makes visible is not itself but the life that 
unfolds within its limits.
– A Simple Heart, DOGMA Studio (2002-2010)



We don’t think of a memorial as a concrete rendered space with the suggestive sculpture.
The route which connects and belts everything is not visible in its entirety. It ceases to be an abstract space when one sets on a journey. By spreading, it creates a secure and spacious area, perfect to spend your day; by narrowing and depressing, the line path becomes cramped and ambience dramatic.By stepping down you let the surroundings behind and your focus becomes the path itself. Culmination happens in the narowness of the path, when the tightness becomes oppressing and you look up in the sky.


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Date: Oct 2015

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