Brdo 2 housing competition (1st phase) | Ljubljana, Slovenia | 2016 | w/ prof. Tadej Glažar, Vid de Gleria, Jure Henigsmann, Manca Starman, Andraž Intihar, Urša Habič, Saša Štuhec
On the outskirts of the Ljubljana, Slovenian Housing Agency imagined a new housing neighbourhood – Brdo 2, adjacent to the existing one, built few years earlier. New neighbourhood is a clear critique of the old one. It answers to the modern housing needs: flexibility, added private spaces, structured outside areas, multi-usability and tries not to replicate existing paradigmas. New neigbourhood is morphologically and tipologically structured to the surrounding built tissue, while generating best possible living conditions. It consists out of seven perimiter blocks and 3 linear blocks placed at the confine between existing city and green background. Ground floors are mostly public and semi-public generating lively area for the inhabitants. Perimiter or atrium blocks are the economically and spatialy most viable solution for this type of housing, providing proven architectural solutions and creating sense of comunity. Brdo 2 neigbourhood tries to be sensible to the important goals of current living: sustainability, small-scale urban food production, inteligent trafiic, climate changes and community participation.


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Date: Feb 2017