Urban village Šentvid |  Ljubljana, Slovenia  |  2015 | w/ Nika Lužar
Compact and diverse community at the outskirts of the dispersed city.The urban village Sentvid is designed as a self-sustainable community alongside one of Ljubljana’s main roads. A place of quality space tailored to everyday needs and habits instead of urban and architectural paradigms. Different typologies, architectural elements and design approaches, as well as the intertwining of various functions, activities and flows create human-friendly space, where one loiters around and stays. The principle of the village design is based upon ”cutting” of traditional block structure, replacing it with variety of architectural typologies. The transmittance and the quality of sequential space are ensured by removing or cutting off fully enclosed structures. The final concept design of blocks is based on the artistic composition of dotted and linear walling which is interwoven throughout the whole area. The composition provides good fluidity between blocks, creates interesting public spaces, and offers a quality environment to residents and visitors. Spatial qualities such as cityscapes, views and a morphological relationship to the old village centre are preserved.







Date: Jan 2016