Rethinking Vitić | Preluk, Rijeka, Croatia | 2015 | w/ Andrea Jurinčič


“Program without necessity cannot be
filled. But there is possibility of giving
form to need of square meters:
t h e  s t r a t e g y  of  a t o m i s a t i o n .
Dividing, defining and aggregating the
form in homogenous space composed
from single atoms in order to create a
complex system which survives when
a piece falls apart . ”
– R. Koolhaas, SMLXL
One of the many Croatian spatial & architectural problems is dealing with the socialist – modernism heritage. With this project we tried to re-evaluate potentials and possibilities of the socialist tourist architecture and infrastructure, as well as re-think it for the future. We strongly advocate that these objects cannot function as a large socialist complexes, but rather as heterogeneous and aggregated cluster of different services and programs.









Date: Oct 2015